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Schechter 38

We believe that a national outline plan, even before it is a real estate plan, is first and foremost a social plan. People are not "concrete and bricks" and therefore we approach every TAMA project with utmost sensitivity. We assume that these are people who have lived in their apartment for years, and we are sensitive to their needs, and are thus accompanying them, step by step, hand in hand, which allows us to reach the full consent of all the tenants to carry out the projects.

TAMA is a partnership between the developer and the tenants, and as in any partnership, the secret of success lies in the fact that all partners benefit. Therefore, even before the entrepreneurial profit, we make sure that the tenants get their share of the partnership, and make sure to improve the quality of life of the tenants, who are our partners, as well as the tenants who are not.

Our team manages the project A to Z, with utmost cooperation and full transparency, to our customers' satisfaction.

The Schechter Group has specialized in TAMA 38 projects since its establishment. The standards and uncompromising quality of European construction is evident in all the urban renewal projects initiated by the group. Thanks to our high standards and meticulous precision, Schechter Group leads the field of urban renewal with dozens of buildings nationwide.

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