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Schechter in Donash


Project address:

5th Donesh St., Ramat Gan



About the project:

In a perfect location in Ramat Gan, close to the prestigious Merom Neveh neighborhood, you will discover everything you love: the spacious Merom Neveh Park, a community shopping and entertainment center, the Merom Neveh Country Club and Ramat Gan Country Club.
Along with these advantages, come the local schools and preschools of the area: The Hadash (New) HighSchool, Bleich HighSchool, and Ramat Gan academic College – how easy and pleasant it is to raise a family when everything is so close. 

The project is located on one of the last land reserves of this highly demanded neighborhood, 5 Donesh St., a quiet and pastoral street, with green and well-kept gardens, and a living environment wrapped in green areas.

The project enjoys direct and convenient access to the main traffic arteries: Jerusalem and Jordan Blvd., which brings you closer to the exits from the city, (Aluf Sadeh, Derech Razor, Road 4 and Road 412).

Spectacularly designed apartments with a high level of finish in accordance with the meticulous construction diameter of Katar Real Estate, a variety of 5-room apartments designed with a spacious sun terrace and luxurious penthouses.

Architect: Magen Sokol Architects


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